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Exploring the Morality of Music from a Biblical Perspective 

Presented By:  Don Staddon



Don Staddon has worked in the field of electrical engineering for twenty eight years and ministers as a layman to laymen. He and his family have sung and spoken in churches and at various community activities with the simple goal of encouraging families to seek God’s best.

Don and his wife Donna have faithfully raised eight children with the joy of seeing each one of them seeking first the kingdom of God and His righteousness (Matthew 6:33). A number of their children have had opportunities to serve in ministries throughout the United States and abroad. Their meek testimony of the sufficiency of Christ in all things has encouraged many families throughout the years.

Donna has earned a degree in music and has taught musical skills to all of their children. With her assistance and that of his children, Don undertook a study of the Bible to determine whether music is an amoral issue and consequently simply a matter of what we like, or whether music is a moral issue and therefore a matter of what God is like. The results of this study are documented in their book: The Power of Music. The lessons they learned will be shared in this conference. The Staddon family currently lives among the beautiful hills of West Virginia.

Some of the Topics:

    • The Morality of Music – Is God musical?
    • Discerning Godly Music – What is God like?
    • Biblical Principles of Separation – Who are we imitating?
    • Biblical Origins of Music – When did music become a part of corporate worship?
    • History of Music in America – What is the source of popular music?
    • Music in Worship and Revival – Is Satan receiving worship?

 Joshua 24:15 …..But as for me and my household, we will serve the Lord.