About the Forum

The idea behind the Gospel Family Forum began in the Fall of 2012 in a hayfield in New Hampshire as two Christian fathers talked about fatherhood and Christ. We recognized a need among our community – if not nationally and globally – for a forum to be established focusing on the Christian Family.   Our vision is to “Exhort, equip, and encourage families to live according to God’s Word.”

We believe firmly in the local church and strongly affirm 1 Timothy 3:15 — “But if I tarry long, that thou mayest know how thou oughtest to behave thyself in the house of God, which is the church of the living God, the pillar and ground of the truth.”  We believe the local assembly is the place where God has assigned the responsibility of upholding the truth.   We also believe that God has a special call on families to further His kingdom work here on Earth and we seek to help families find God’s will for their families in that regard.

We are not a church, but rather a community of Christian families from different churches who are striving to glorify God with their families  –specifically and deliberately.  We may come from different backgrounds and even different theological beliefs but we believe we can unify and grow together as  we seek the Lord’s leading for our families.  We unite under Jesus Christ as our Savior and the Bible as God’s Holy Word.

We welcome families and couples who are striving to honor God to join us.


Q. What is the goal of the Gospel Family Forum?

A.  We hope to bring together imperfect families who are seeking to find fellowship and encouragement along the narrow path of Biblical family living.  We know from experience that there are families in our local area — and again, nationally and globally  — who are thirsting for encouragement and ideas about how to model their families after the Biblical model.  Our desire is to see God glorified in families.

Q.  What is the format?

A.  We plan to host a meeting 3-4 times per year where families come together for a Saturday for 6-8 hours.  There will be three or four topics “presented” with lots of opportunity for discussion.  There will also a time of hymn singing, opportunities for fellowship, and breakout talks (for instance, with fathers together in one room and mothers in another).

We may also, in time, sponsor outside presenters to come speak.

Q.  What is the cost to come?

A.  Nothing.  We aren’t charging anything.  It’s entirely free.

Q. What are some topics you hope to discuss in the future?

A. Over the course of time, as God leads, we hope to have presentations on some of the following topics:

  • Family Member Biblical Roles
  • Disciplines of Godly Men
  • How to have family devotions
  • How to handle criticism on this way of life
  • Hospitality
  • Having a ministry mindset
  • Casting a family vision
  • Hard Work and Work Ethics
  • Godly Modesty
  • Raising Sons to Lead a Family
  • Raising Daughters to be Help Meets
Q. Who is presenting?
A. Christian Fathers, Mothers and Children who feel called by God to volunteer.  We aren’t professionals or authors or selling anything.  We just have a passion for seeing God glorified through our families and know there are others who feel the same.  We want and encourage anyone who has a burden for the Biblical Family to come alongside us and join our cause.  We will welcome contributors who (a) can speak from a scripturally supported point of view and (b) who seek to glorify God.